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Top 4 trending apps that might be useful for Gay

When it comes to Gay applications, there are two applications that are known to dominate the zone, and these are Grindr and Scruff. Grindr was launched in the year 2009, and soon it became the number 1 application that Gays got hooked to.

But, these are not the only applications out there, there are more applications that you might not have heard about, but have some of the best features that you have been looking for.

  1. VGL :

This application was launched in the year 2013 by Josh Liptzin and Andrew Vurlumis. With the help of this application, the users can rank each other with a variety of words like that of “Drink”, “Hot”, “Fave” and many more. All those profiles that have been ranked higher will be put in the hottest category making your search easy. The only disadvantage here is that you will have to pay in order to view that Hottest category. You can also follow each other, not only that you can also like and comment so as to build your network.

  1. Hornet :

The main aim of this application is to promote conversation among the users. In this application, you can view as many profiles as you want, there is no limit to that. You can scroll the whole day and you will never be charged a single penny for that. The free version itself offers a lot of features as compared to the other applications. On the other hand, once you upgrade, you will not be able to see who has viewed your profile.

  1. Growlr :

This application was launched in the year 2010, since then it has charmed users day in and day out. This application offers you a simple interface, the main disadvantage here is that there are a lot of pop-up ads and a lot of tool tips, that on the background allows you to view few furry faces that are ready to chat with you.

  1. Daddy Hunt :

If you are looking for older men, this application works for you. This application does have actual daddies, unlike its name, but is meant for older men. The best part about the application is the browser, in the browser, you will be able to see photos of men in the form of a chessboard. In order to find more men, users have to upgrade to the premium version.

If you don’t find any app perfect from this list then you must visit this article. This might be useful to you.

Best Texting Apps Will Make Life Easier Everyday

Only a few decades ago, when there was a need to talk to someone far away, we had to call them up on their landline phone. Those who did not have landlines would send letters using postal mails. We had to drop the letter in the post box, which was collected by the postman, submitted at the post office, and later dispatched by the post office to the destination. It was a long drawn process and sometimes it took weeks to deliver the mail to the intended recipient. And, on several occasions, the mails would get lost in transition.

The technology has made communication so simple and convenient. We don’t need to send letters to anyone via postal mail anymore. Today, we use emails. But, better than email is the instant messaging service if you wish to communicate with someone quickly. The best texting apps have made our everyday life much easier today.

WhatsApp is one application nearly everyone uses these days. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can stay connected to your friends, family and others. All you need to do is open the app on your mobile device, select the contact from the list, type in your message and hit the send button. If the recipient has the internet coverage on their phone, they will receive the message instantly.

Kik messenger app is also a great texting app for everyone. Unlike WhatsApp, it does not scan your contacts to build its contact list. You need to register and create a username and password. You can connect to others and others to you using the username. Kik also lets you create public and private groups to talk to more than one person at a time.

There are many more texting apps these days. For example, iMessage is a popular instant messaging app among the iOS users. It is exclusive to iOS. Then there is Facebook Messenger application that lets you stay connected to the other Facebook users. Hangouts by Google is also used by a large number of people around the globe. You can use this app to connect to people you are connected to on Google.

4 Apps for Mobile Broadcasting

Live-stream has its own charm, be it news, reality shows or sports. Live is ‘reflexive’. Live is ‘immediate’. The excitement which live broadcast gives cannot be derived from still-and-dead pictures and pre-recorded videos. Going ‘live’ is ‘life’ now. Everyone has accepted this new concept in ‘socializing’ and ‘marketing’ and many are using it for various purposes. Here are list of few mobile apps which will make you live to the viewers.


The app which is said to be responsible for this whole new ‘live’ trend offers service to watch and broadcast live videos anywhere and anytime. All you want to have is an Android/IOS phone coupled with an internet connection. The app took no time to catch people’s attention and make them addicted to the new trend. This free service with compact size and great interface is a good tool to stream live videos and give a celebrity experience to the users. Its sudden success had it bought out by Twitter in 2016. This tool is available on mobiles but you can also get this broadcasting app on PC.

Facebook Live

Famous for being staying up to date with the latest trends’ Facebook took no time to embrace this new concept and bring in a new addition to its already existing long list of features. And as expected, this new service didn’t take much time to make people a fan of it, and extend their followers list and be face-to-face with them even after being separated by a distance.

Facebook Live instantly notifies the followers list on user being live and also provides them the option to interact with them through comments.

Live Stream

As the name suggests, the app provides Android and IOS users to have a service to watch and broadcast live videos. Users can lure viewers from worldwide and can be an online sensation in a fortnight. Unfortunately, this service is not for free and charges $42 for one month plan.


An app which not only makes users watch live-streaming of their favorite star’s videos, but also helps the users act like a star with its broadcasting and ‘interacting with viewers’ feature. With already over 50 millions downloads, the app is doing wonders online.

imessage for Windows -A complete Guide

iMessage is an instant messaging service developed by Apple and evidently, it is only supported on Apple devices. However, there are a lot of people who don’t want to buy an iOS device but want to use iMessage on their PC or laptops. Fret not, we’ve got you covered. Let’s us guide you through the process to do the same.


iMessage For Windows PC

Many Apps are not intended for cross platform usage but people always find ways to cater to their needs and come up with solutions. Using iMessage on computer is one of them as it’s a very popular app. It’s possible to get iMessage for PC, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems with a simple technique.


Here are the steps to use iMessage on your Windows computer/laptops:

  • Go to the website on your PC and download iPadian. iPadian is considered to be one of the best iOS emulators that facilitates you to create iOS environment on your PC, so that you get access to the iOS apps.
  • Installed the program on your PC and then open it. You will be able to see a dock underneath of your PC screen just like Mac computers.
  • Search for ‘iMessage’ in the search bar and install it from there.
  • To finish the process, you need to go to the iPadian drawer to find the Application. Then start the app and use iMessaging service right on your Windows computer/ laptop.


iMessage App Features

iMessage allows its users to send texts, contact info, documents, photos, videos, and group messages using Wi-Fi, mobile phone data or other forms of Internet access to the other users. It’s an amazing alternative to standard SMS/MMS messaging which is absolutely free.  All of the iMessages are encrypted and they can be tracked using the delivery receipts. If you enable Read Receipts option, the sender of the messages will also be able to see if the recipient has read the message. It also allows its users to chat with more than one people, you can use ‘group chat’ feature for this. Now, the company has offered imessage online service over the internet.

SHAREit for iOS- How To Download SHAREit For Mac

SHAREit is an incredible file sharing app which is available to the Android, iOS, and Windows smartphone users. It is also available to the Windows based PC users. Unfortunately, it is not available for MacOS. This is the reason why the Mac users often wonder if there is a way for them to enjoy the benefits of this marvellous app.

Although, officially it is not available on Mac but there is a workaround that lets the Mac users use this app on their computer.


Downloading SHAREit for Mac OS

Although there is no direct way for you to download SHAREit on your Mac computer but you can circumvent a bit to get it there. What all you need is the Emulator that can run seamlessly on the Mac platform. BlueStacks is the most common Android emulator that is being used by millions of users. However, this emulator may not be completely suitable for the Apple platforms. This is the reason why it is best to download another emulator known as iPadian. iPadian is the iOS emulator and hence best suited for the Apple devices.

First you will need to download and install iPadian to your Mac computer. Here are the steps:

  • Visit the official website of iPadian at
  • Download the emulator app then follow the installation process
  • Installation is very easy

Once you have installed iPadian on your Mac computer you will need to follow some really simple steps to get SHAREit, or for that matter any iOS supported app. Emulator creates a virtual iOS environment on your Mac. So, here are some simple steps for you:

  • Open the emulator, which will give you the look and feel of the iOS platform
  • Now open the Apple Store and select the search field
  • Search with the keyword ‘SHAREit’ and you will see the app listed in the search result
  • Now you can follow the simple process to download the SHAREit app to your computer.

You can now enjoy the great benefits of this amazing app on your Mac computer. The process is extremely simple. Isn’t this truly incredible?

How to use Facetime on iPhone/iOS- Guide & Tips

Facetime is an awesome application which comes pre-installed on all Apple devices running iOS. You can make video calls using Facetime app with all your friends who’re having Facetime app installed and activated.

If you haven’t used Facetime on your iPhone yet, then let me tell you, you should start now because Facetime is one of the most popular video calling applications on not only iOS but other Operating systems as well. Please note that this app is exclusively made for Apple devices only and if you have been searching for Facetime App for Android then let me tell you you won’t get anywhere as its a sheer waste of time. Better thing would be to look for its best alternatives, anyways we are here to discuss some other topic so lets not just waste time and move forward.



Facetime has tons of features to offer and once you start using it, you won’t be able to stop. However if you haven’t used Facetime before then you’ll need to configure it before using. Here is how to configure Facetime on iPhone –

Step 1. Open Facetime app from your app drawer. Find a green icon with a photo of a landline phone.

Step 2. Once you have opened the app, sign up using your Apple id, if you don’t have one then you can go to the official website of Apple and make one.

Step 3. Your phone number and contacts are already synchronized on the app so you don’t need to do anything for that. Now you are ready to use Facetime.

Tip – Facetime is only available for iPhone 4 and later. If you are using iPhone 4 or later and can’t find the Facetime icon, go to Settings> Facetime and switch on the app. You can also sign up on Facetime using your Apple id from there.



Once you have successfully configured your Facetime with your Apple id, you are ready to do video calling using Facetime. For making a video call on iPhone using Facetime, follow the steps below

Step 1. Open Facetime from your iPhone app drawer. Click on the green icon containing a picture of the phone in it.

Step 2. Find the contact you want to chat with. Click on the Contact option, and scroll down till you find the right person. all your phone contacts are automatically synchronized.

Step 3. Once you find the person you would like to call, click on his name to open that contact. Now click on the Facetime icon to make a video call using Facetime.

Step 4. Now all you have to do is wait till the person sees the incoming call and answers. Then you’ll be free to do Video chat with your friend.


*. Sometimes you may encounter with the problem of black screen. This could be a result of poor network quality or low Internet speed.

Most of the times, you can wait for a minute or two and the problem will be solved automatically. If it doesn’t, disconnect the call and call again.

*. Contacts which are red in color are the ones who cannot be reached at the time. If all contacts are red then make sure you have a working Internet connection.

*. You can also use Facetime without a sim card. you’ll need to sign up using your Apple id to use Facetime without a phone number.


If you still have any questions about using Facetime on iPhone then you can ask it in the comments box. Also, don’t forget to tell us your experience with using Facetime.


The Best Applications That can Replace iMovie

Two years ago Apple introduced iMovie for the iPhones.  Before that it was limited to the Mac only.  This basic Video Editor is now very popular with the users.  You can trim, mix, add titles and even insert a background Sound or Music.  As iMovie for PC also became popular other alternatives to this Application became available both on iOS and other platforms like Android and Windows.  Some of them are just basic editor software where you can fix borders and change textures etc but there are others where you can do plenty of things with your footage using layer technology.

Splice: This is another great Application for the iPhone.  It has a fee of $3.99 but the features are great.  It has almost all new features; you can trim, Add Titles and add background music to your video.


VideoFX Live:  This is another basic video editor. A special feature of this Application is that you can add different effects to the live footage. It might be interesting if you are looking for iMovie for windows.


Cute Cut: This Application is closest to iMovie in terms of features as it allows you to write on your video footage.  Its drawing tools enable you to edit the video with effects, shadows, borders and textures.


Magisto:  Magisto Editor is equipped with a feature which is called “Magic Video Editor.’ This Editor is able to edit the video on its own from the pictures, video and music available on your phone.  Also, you can edit the videos manually using trim, transition and use filter functions.


Pinnacle Studio: Pinnacle studio is for the users who are looking for the next level experience after using IMovie.  It has greater control on the speed, Pan & Zoom, Picture- in- Picture & Some Sound Effects.


Filmora Video Editor: These Applications are great for the new users.  Some cool Animation is available for the users to add to their footage.


Snapseed – The Best Photo Editor (Features & Download for Android)

Optimize your photos in an instant – with the new Snapseed 2. With this app you are now also on the mobile device features a professional photo editing software available, that so far has only the computer. Now you can retouch, adjust perspectives, edit and more at your fingertips.



Tools for image optimization

  • RAW development: Go to DNG RAW images, the exposure and the white balance, correct shadows and highlights and add structures and more. This feature is available on most current devices.
  • Fine-tuning: for automatic image correction. Improve the function Ambiance depth and expressive, perfectly adapted to the colors, and optimize brightness, saturation, contrast and more.
  • Details: With this filter you can details either by the usual sharpening stress or the unique Structure control to highlight the main subject.
  • Crop: Prune your pictures with aspect ratios in standard sizes or in free cutting.
  • Rotate: Rotate photos easily to 90 degrees, set a wrong photograph taken straight or turn your images at any angle.
  • Customize: Choose prospects in vertical and horizontal directions and fill empty areas after turning out.
  • Brush: to turn effects on selected areas of the image.
  • Selective: The revolutionary U Point technology by Nik Software, you can precisely adjust and optimize selected areas of your photos in seconds.
  • Repair: Remove completely dust and dirt of images.
  • Vignette: Please adjust the brightness around a photo opportunity. This effect can be positioned freely.

Download for Android


Effect filters

  • Focus Effect: Direct the attention on the central photo opportunity by customizing the brightness of the surrounding background and lets him become blurred.
  • Glamour Glow: Add your images – especially advertising and fashion photographs – a special light shine to.
  • Color contrast: Working with the precise exposure subtle contrasts between light and dark areas of the image out.
  • HDR Scape: So you will achieve great effects that would otherwise only possible through multiple exposures.
  • Drama: Personalize your photo more style with an effect which is specifically tailored to your photos – from the subtle optimization to dramatic artistic effects.
  • Grunge: a distinctive look with expressive styles and texture overlays
  • Grainy Film: This view your digital photos from recorded as with an analog camera footage.
  • Vintage: Let your image as a color photo from the 50s, 60’s or 70 look.
  • Retrolux: Suit up your photos a real retro look with light leaks, scratches, film styles and more.
  • Noir: Create the appearance of modern black and white films with realistic graining and a whole new washout.
  • Black and white: Receive with this inspired by the work in the darkroom filter the classic black and white look.
  • Frame: Add your photos to a perfect ending one of the border styles.


Filter List for managing changes

  • Here you find all of you last used filters that can modify or you and apply them to other images.
  • Use the filter list to turn back depicts the time.
  • You can revise any time your filter.
  • You can take out again every previously used filter effect at any point.
  • Use the new filter brushes to introduce or remove filter applied.

That is it folks, but before we conclude let me add another point about this wonderful photo editing application, you can also download Snapseed for PC, believe us this app works even better when you use it on your pc, to get this app on your pc you need to download an ANDROID emulator mainly Andy or Bluestacks. Good luck