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4 Apps for Mobile Broadcasting

Live-stream has its own charm, be it news, reality shows or sports. Live is ‘reflexive’. Live is ‘immediate’. The excitement which live broadcast gives cannot be derived from still-and-dead pictures and pre-recorded videos. Going ‘live’ is ‘life’ now. Everyone has accepted this new concept in ‘socializing’ and ‘marketing’ and many are using it for various purposes. Here are list of few mobile apps which will make you live to the viewers.


The app which is said to be responsible for this whole new ‘live’ trend offers service to watch and broadcast live videos anywhere and anytime. All you want to have is an Android/IOS phone coupled with an internet connection. The app took no time to catch people’s attention and make them addicted to the new trend. This free service with compact size and great interface is a good tool to stream live videos and give a celebrity experience to the users. Its sudden success had it bought out by Twitter in 2016. This tool is available on mobiles but you can also get this broadcasting app on PC.

Facebook Live

Famous for being staying up to date with the latest trends’ Facebook took no time to embrace this new concept and bring in a new addition to its already existing long list of features. And as expected, this new service didn’t take much time to make people a fan of it, and extend their followers list and be face-to-face with them even after being separated by a distance.

Facebook Live instantly notifies the followers list on user being live and also provides them the option to interact with them through comments.

Live Stream

As the name suggests, the app provides Android and IOS users to have a service to watch and broadcast live videos. Users can lure viewers from worldwide and can be an online sensation in a fortnight. Unfortunately, this service is not for free and charges $42 for one month plan.


An app which not only makes users watch live-streaming of their favorite star’s videos, but also helps the users act like a star with its broadcasting and ‘interacting with viewers’ feature. With already over 50 millions downloads, the app is doing wonders online.

imessage for Windows -A complete Guide

iMessage is an instant messaging service developed by Apple and evidently, it is only supported on Apple devices. However, there are a lot of people who don’t want to buy an iOS device but want to use iMessage on their PC or laptops. Fret not, we’ve got you covered. Let’s us guide you through the process to do the same.


iMessage For Windows PC

Many Apps are not intended for cross platform usage but people always find ways to cater to their needs and come up with solutions. Using iMessage on computer is one of them as it’s a very popular app. It’s possible to get iMessage for PC, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems with a simple technique.


Here are the steps to use iMessage on your Windows computer/laptops:

  • Go to the website on your PC and download iPadian. iPadian is considered to be one of the best iOS emulators that facilitates you to create iOS environment on your PC, so that you get access to the iOS apps.
  • Installed the program on your PC and then open it. You will be able to see a dock underneath of your PC screen just like Mac computers.
  • Search for ‘iMessage’ in the search bar and install it from there.
  • To finish the process, you need to go to the iPadian drawer to find the Application. Then start the app and use iMessaging service right on your Windows computer/ laptop.


iMessage App Features

iMessage allows its users to send texts, contact info, documents, photos, videos, and group messages using Wi-Fi, mobile phone data or other forms of Internet access to the other users. It’s an amazing alternative to standard SMS/MMS messaging which is absolutely free.  All of the iMessages are encrypted and they can be tracked using the delivery receipts. If you enable Read Receipts option, the sender of the messages will also be able to see if the recipient has read the message. It also allows its users to chat with more than one people, you can use ‘group chat’ feature for this. Now, the company has offered imessage online service over the internet.